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What the students said...


"It was epic."


"I thought today was really fun and she gave me a lot of ideas about books."


"I like how I didn't introduce the character, I started by describing something she loves."


"I enjoyed sharing everyone's stories."


"It was all really good because we could do our own thing and let our imagination run wild!"



A huge thank you to the schools I've visited!

What the teachers said...


"Clear, focused motivating activities that the children enjoyed. 5/5" Y6 teacher


"Interesting prompts, really encouraged the imagination. 5/5" Y6 teacher


"Children were very enthused. 5/5" Y5 teacher


"Excellent relationship with the children and all children were engaged. 5/5" Y5/6 teacher


"Just thanks, it was a lovely morning which flew. 5/5" Y5/6 teacher


Our Lady and St Werburgh's Catholic Primary School

Sir John Offley CE (VC) Primary School

Baldwin's Gate CE (VC) Primary School

Newcastle-under-Lyme School

St Nicholas' Primary School

Clough Hall Technology School